Big Gift Was A Big Boost

Big Gift Was A Big Boost

A $10,000 gift from an anonymous donor, just as Hurricane Irma was leaving town, came just at the right time—in the wake of a difficult crisis.

After Hurricane Irma pounded our community in early September, David Lawrence Centers faced a number of urgent needs—including financially, with more than half a million dollars in unexpected expenses.

Many of you responded with compassion and generosity in the wake of that devastating storm. THANK YOU!

One particular donor, who prefers to remain anonymous, gave $10,000 immediately, even before the hurricane had finished blowing out of town. The gift lifted our spirits right away.

“I want to help the people devastated by Hurricane Irma,” the donor said. “Mental illness is a community problem, and it’s magnified in a crisis. I feel that David Lawrence Centers will be most effective in helping.”

He singled out CEO Scott Burgess, “a great leader I trust,” as a big reason for his gift, and went on to list several more: “DLC saves lives, reconciles families, relieves suffering, prevents suicide, helps the homeless, and makes the streets and schools safer.”

David Lawrence Centers is still trying to recoup the losses from Irma, which include property damage, the cost of supplies, and much more. Please consider a gift today.

Nov 02, 2017 | Blog, News

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