Crossroads Adds New Personal Training Fitness Program

Crossroads Adds New Personal Training Fitness Program

Fitness is important for all demographics. Expertise is needed to address the challenges of more specialized populations with unique health considerations such as cardiac rehab, eating disorders and addictions.

Crossroads has recently partnered with professional master trainers at Max Flex Fitness to work with our residential clients to complement the existing fitness activities which can include yoga for sobriety, walking, pickle ball, basketball and swimming. Their trainers host onsite circuit training group classes two days per week. The classes include low-impact body weight and light aerobic exercises. The purpose is to teach participants that by exercising, the body will release natural endorphins such as serotonin in a healthy way, rather than using alcohol and drugs to release these chemicals.

Most clients begin the classes with feelings of depression and anxiety, and may still be experiencing symptoms of post-acute withdrawal. After their first class, clients frequently report that they begin to feel better, have more energy and feel a sense of accomplishment for being able to finish the class. After two weeks of exercising four to six days week, clients report that their emotional swings have decreased. They report feeling the natural endorphins after exercising, as well as experiencing a greater sense of peace of mind and happiness.

Nino Magaddino, owner of Max Flex Fitness shared, “Training clients in this unique environment can present a series of unexpected challenges, but the gratitude I’ve felt from the Crossroads clients shows me the positive impact exercise can make on an individual’s life.”

To learn more about our new fitness program to help with addiction, click here.

Apr 28, 2016 | Blog

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