Gift of Compassion

Gift of Compassion

Local evangelist makes generous contribution to Mindful Compassion Initiative.

Reverend Sheila Zellers of Motivated by Love Ministries is well aware of the toll that mental illness and addictions can take on a family—because she’s seen it in her own.

And though she believes God can work miracles with such people, she also knows the importance of excellent mental health care.

“God can do supernatural things,” she told DLC this spring. “But with several mental illness and addictions, we need to do more than just pray. We need professionals. We need David Lawrence Centers .”

Zellers and Motivated by Love recently donated $2,000 to help with Mindful Compassion, a DLC initiative that partners with 35 local churches (and counting) to provide love, support, and hope to those needing care. DLC helps faith organizations better understand the issues so they can combine compassion and education to provide the best care possible.

The latest event held as part of the Mindful Compassion initiative was a seminar titled, “On the Frontlines: Supporting Families & Parishioners with Mental Illness.

Aug 06, 2018 | Blog

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