Good Times for a Great Cause: Chip in for DLC Co-Chairs Passionate about Raising Mental Health Awareness

Good Times for a Great Cause: Chip in for DLC Co-Chairs Passionate about Raising Mental Health Awareness

Peter Michaels isn’t likely to break 100 when he plays in the 8th Annual Chip in for DLC Golf Tournament this October.

But he doesn’t care. Because for him, it’s not about the competition. It’s all about raising funds and awareness for DLC . . . and having a little fun while he’s at it.

For the fourth straight year, Michaels and his good friend Joe Stusek are co-chairing the Chip in for DLC golf fundraiser, which will be held Friday, October 22 at Quail Creek Country Club. Both Michaels and Stusek are leaders in DLC’s Young Executives, a group of young adult advocates for mental health and substance use awareness, and particularly for DLC.

Michaels, 27, is Treasurer/Secretary of the Young Executives, and Stusek, 32, is Vice Chair.

Like Michaels, Stusek isn’t particularly concerned about his score in the tournament. He grew up in Montana, mostly playing other sports, and only took up golf in recent years. “I enjoy it,” he says, “but I only play occasionally.”

Stusek, an attorney with Cummings & Lockwood LLC, says he first heard about DLC and the Young Executives from former associates. He was interested in mental health and decided to get more involved.

Michaels, a senior associate with Halstatt Real Estate Partners, became interested in mental health because his older brother works in research, advocacy, and management roles focused on suicide prevention and quality of care for those in mental health treatment programs.

“Seeing the contributions he has made and personally learning about the impact mental health has on our families, friends, and community has inspired me to get involved,” says Michaels.

Michaels and Stusek are recruiting individuals and teams for the tournament. It’s not only for a great cause, but the co-chairs also guarantee a good time.

“We have such a great team in place that, despite the prep work and setup involved, when the actual tournament is being played, Joe and I are still able to get out on the course and have a fun time,” says Michaels. “You can have a great time supporting and raising money for DLC.”

All proceeds from the tournament benefit DLC and help provide life-saving and life-changing treatment services for children and adults who experience mental health, emotional, psychological, and substance use challenges.

Learn more about the Young Executives here. Learn more about the golf event here.

Jul 28, 2021 | Blog, Mental Health, News

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