Healthcare Network Moves In Launching a New Collaboration to Treat the Whole Person

Healthcare Network Moves In Launching a New Collaboration to Treat the Whole Person

We are excited about the new collaboration that starts May 1st, 2017 between David Lawrence Centers and Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida. This alliance of two longstanding healthcare providers will benefit the clients and patients of both organizations, as it creates a new model for holistic care in our community.

Healthcare Network’s focus on primary care—including family practice, pediatrics, internal medicine, women’s health, and dental care—combined with David Lawrence Center’s wide range of mental health services, means that all the physical and mental healthcare needs of every client can now be met under one roof.

Healthcare Network will place a family and internal medicine physician, nurses, and clinical staff on the DLC campus, so many DLC clients will be able to access the primary care they may have been missing.  And since many Healthcare Network patients also need mental health services, this perfect marriage will let us care for the whole person, while serving a significant segment of Florida’s population.

Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida is a federally-qualified health provider, which means we serve everybody who comes to us, regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay, just as David Lawrence Centers does.

Because we are a federally-qualified healthcare provider, our clients have access to the federal government’s 340B Drug Discount Program, which provides deeply-discounted pharmaceuticals. That means our clients get the medications they need at affordable prices.

Healthcare Network worked with David Lawrence Centers in the past on the Naples Children & Education Foundation’s Beautiful Minds initiative, which greatly advanced behavioral health in children. Through that collaboration, we discovered our many shared goals. With a great deal of mutual respect and a collaborative spirit, we decided to deepen our relationship and embark on this new project.

In addition to serving children, our new collaboration will focus on adults who need holistic care. This will enable both organizations to create complete life-changing wellness for every person.

Apr 24, 2017 | Blog, News

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