Free Mental Health Screenings in Collier County

Free Mental Health Screenings in Collier County

DLC has joined several behavioral health organizations throughout Collier County and Lee County to establish a community-wide initiative called Healthy Minds. This initiative was developed in response to COVID-19 to identify and address behavioral health challenges community members have been experiencing.

Over the next several months, Healthy Minds will have scheduled resource events, announced to the community, in various locations throughout the region. Each resource event will have a small team of professionals available to offer behavioral health screenings at no cost. The screening results will be discussed, and recommendations for services may be made. Attendees will have the opportunity to be linked directly with services if desired, and they will learn more about the resources available to them in their area. Visit to learn more.

Click the links below to download a flyer with dates, times, and locations of the Healthy Minds events scheduled for Collier County:

Healthy Minds Flyer – English Version 

Healthy Minds Flyer – Spanish Version

Healthy Minds Flyer – Creole Version

Sep 17, 2020 | Blog, Mental Health, News

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