A House Filled with Hope

A House Filled with Hope

Can a house save a life? You bet it can.

David Lawrence Center’s Crossroads 28-day recovery program does amazing work with people who struggle with addictions. And there are hundreds of success stories to show for it.

That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that there are some who finish Crossroads and end up relapsing – because they have no safe place to turn when they’re done.

What they desperately need is a safe, sober, and supportive place to go. There are only three certified recovery homes in Collier County – with a total of four beds for women and six for men. And while those facilities are excellent, we desperately need more such homes to send our Crossroads graduates – as many as 100 per year.

Studies show that those who end up in a recovery home are much more likely to experience long-term sobriety and success. But with no place to go, many Crossroads graduates end up in the same situations and circumstances that contributed to their addictions in the first place. And, unfortunately, then can end up relapsing.

Maggie Baldwin, Clinical Director of Crossroads, says, “We always feel sad for clients when they don’t have a safe place to go, because we know they are in jeopardy of relapse.”

That’s why David Lawrence Centers is planning its own recovery house. And we’ve already got the perfect name for it: Hope Home. It will be a haven where men and women can continue the great work they’ve begun in Crossroads – in a place brimming with hope and healing.

You can help make this happen. We’ve already raised over half of the $600,000 needed to buy a nearby residence and convert it to a recovery home. We need another $260,000 to reach our goal, and with your generous support, we can get there!

Recovery homes really work. Just ask Jerald, who recently benefited from his stay at one of the existing homes in our community. “It literally saved my life,” he said. “I’ve learned to live again.”

The Hope Home will do the same for many more on the road to recovery.

Click here to make a donation now and help us reach our goal.

Dec 03, 2019 | Blog, Substance Use

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