How Holistic Help Heals

How Holistic Help Heals

Through a variety of holistic therapy programs, adults and children are finding ways to cope with life’s stresses at David Lawrence Centers .

A 50-something man who was trapped in substance use for years finally found a way to beat his addiction by going through the Crossroads Program at David Lawrence Centers . But to stay on track and remain sober, he also took advantage of our meditation class—one of many holistic therapies offered at DLC.  

For example, we offer the following holistic programs: 

For adults:  

  • Art therapy 
  • Equine-assisted therapy 
  • Tobacco cessation services 
  • Wellness and nutrition classes 
  • Yoga and fitness classes 
  • Spiritual support services   

For children:

  • Art therapy  
  • Equine-assisted therapy 
  • Music therapy 

Holistic services supplement our many other treatment programs—both in-patient and out-patient—including crisis stabilization, residential services, addiction recovery, court-related services and more. 

The gentleman mentioned above now goes to the beach daily to practice meditation.  

“It’s doing wonders for his concentration and contentment,” says Maggie Baldwin, LMHC, Director of DLC’s Crossroads program. “Meditation has had a dramatic impact in how he approaches life. When stressful things happen, they no longer stick to him or derail him. As a result, he’s been sober for more than six months.” 

Baldwin mentions another gentleman, in his 60s, who “fell in love with yoga. He had been a substance user much of his life, but the practice of yoga has kept him on track, helping him manage his stress and helping his fitness at the same time.”

Baldwin adds that the holistic therapies—for adults and for children—help struggling people learn new methods of “tolerating stress and handling the bumps and bruises of everyday life.”  

DLC is able to offer holistic therapies because of the generous support of friends like you. Please consider making another gift today. Thank you! 

Feb 13, 2018 | Blog, Mental Health, News

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