If you’re seeking mental health or substance use help, you may have heard the term “group therapy” at some point or another. However, some might not feel comfortable with the idea of group therapy. You may think it invades your privacy as a patient or that you may not feel truly comfortable with the idea of sharing your emotions and feelings with other people.

Even if you are uncomfortable with the idea of group therapy, there are many benefits of group therapy that can prove advantageous. Below, we’ve developed a small list of the benefits of participating in group therapy.

What is Group Therapy?

Before we get started, it’s important to know what group therapy is. According to the American Psychological Association, group therapy is:

“Group therapy involves one or more psychologists who lead a group of roughly five to fifteen patients. Typically, groups meet for an hour or two each week.”

Some Benefits of Group Therapy

First, participating in group therapy can offer you a network of support and encouragement. Group therapy allows you to hear – firsthand – others’ experiences and feelings. With that, you may come to find that you are not alone in your feelings and that there are others like you.

Additionally, learning firsthand from others’ experiences and feelings can help you find techniques to conquer your negative feelings that you may not have thought of previously. Others in group therapy may have had access to help longer than you have, and with that, they may be able to offer some ideas and tips from their experiences. This is certainly not meant to replace any medical advice from a psychologist, however, it may help.

Another benefit of group therapy is that you’re able to meet people and hear stories from all walks of life. With different experiences comes different stories and opinions. The ability to see others facing the same problems as you, but that come from completely different places, may assist in your own treatment.

Mental Health Facility in Naples, FL: Offering Group Therapy

At the David Lawrence Centers, we use group therapy throughout many of our treatment, intervention, and prevention programs. We’ve developed 3 types of group therapy programs to serve 3 different needs.

  • Adult Wellness Group – this group therapy program helps individuals with chronic mental illness regain life skills. The Wellness Group allows participants on an ongoing basis and meets weekly.
  • Adult Anger Management Group – this group therapy program helps individuals with issues related to anger and stress management. Participants will learn, practice, and begin to apply practical skills. This group is held weekly for an average of 8 sessions.
  • Adult Substance Abuse Group Therapy – this program has been designed for adults who are experiencing problems related to drug and/or alcohol abuse. This program is flexible and is designed to provide treatment, education, support, and structure to overcome addiction.

Group therapy can be suggested by your therapist depending on the type of therapy you require and the kind of problems you are facing.

If you have any further questions regarding group therapy, please feel free to contact us at the David Lawrence Centers where we can assist in finding the right individual or group therapy program for you based on your needs. Call us 24/7 at (239) 491-7602 or click here.

Aug 04, 2015 | Mental Health

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