4 Ways to Start a Conversation about Mental Health

4 Ways to Start a Conversation about Mental Health

By Children’s Outreach Specialist
Jessica Liria, M.S.

1. Take advantage of opportunities around you.

Utilize the present moment to talk about what is happening in front of you. As you and your family are watching TV or listening to the radio, talk about what you are seeing and hearing. How does it make you feel? How is someone with a mental health concern portrayed? What could you do if encountering a similar situation in real life? Being open to these discussions, and encouraging others to do so, helps to reduce stigma and raise awareness.

2. Share what you learn and educate others.

We all know the value in “word of mouth.” Having a desire to educate yourself on important topics will not only strengthen your intellectual wellness, but passing that information along will benefit others as well. We can all play an active role in prioritizing mental health in our community. By sharing a statistic, an available resource, or common concern, you are shining the light on a national challenge.

3. Let others know you care.

We often have no idea what the people around us are going through on a day-to-day basis and simple acts of kindness can make all the difference in their day. Whether it is a loved one, a friend, or a complete stranger, there are things we can do to show they are noticed. Offering a kind smile, holding open a door, or letting someone merge into traffic are small things we can always do. Other days may require us to dig deeper—“How are you feeling today?” “Is there anything I can do help?” “I notice you seem sad. Would you like to talk?”

4. Have the courage to talk about you.

Our society is at a pivotal point, where we can overcome the negativity surrounding mental health just as we did with many physical illnesses. Internalizing emotions can lead us to being guarded and pushing others away. This intensifies those feelings, and we can begin to feel isolated and alone. It can be a challenge to face our emotions, and talking about them can be even more difficult; however, confiding in others and asking for help can bring connection, compassion, and comfort.

May 01, 2022 | Blog, Mental Health

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