More Help for Those Struggling with Substance Abuse Challenges

More Help for Those Struggling with Substance Abuse Challenges

A federal grant for $360,000 will help DLC partner with the county drug court to help even more neighbors in need.

Thanks to a new federal grant, David Lawrence Centers will have the opportunity to help even more people in our community who are struggling with substance use.

The Federal Bureau of Justice Assistance recently awarded the Collier County Housing, Human and Veteran Services Department a $360,000 grant for the Collier County Adult Drug Court program, for which DLC is the treatment provider.

The grant will help non-violent offenders get the intensive help they need—help they can’t always get in less intensive rehab programs. DLC can provide therapy, medical treatment, and, if necessary, medication needed for healing.

“Drug court gave me hope,” says Bob, who went through the program a few years ago. After hitting a rough patch in his personal life, Bob ended up with two DUIs and a felony drug arrest.

Petrified of going to jail, Bob landed in drug court, and ended up getting the help he needed at DLC. “It gave me my life back,” he says.

The Adult Drug Court Program diverts offenders with substance use and drug-related criminal activity from the criminal justice system by offering them an opportunity to proactively deal with their dependence rather than face punitive alternatives.

The program combines one to two years’ worth of mandatory drug testing, psychoeducational group therapy, case management, 12-step meetings, and routine reviews. Many local agencies collaborate, including DLC, Office of the State Attorney, The 20th Judicial Circuit, Public Defenders Office, and the Department of Corrections.

“Drug Courts are proven, cost-effective investments made by a collaboration of all three branches of government and the private sector that reduce crime, restore families, and save lives,” says DLC President and CEO Scott Burgess. “We’re proud to have partnered with Collier County since 1999 on this important program, changing the lives of individuals struggling with addiction.”

The grant will help expand Drug Court services to an average of 70 people per month, by increasing access to case management services, drug testing, treatment services and incidental funds. It will also fund clinical trainings for the drug court treatment team members. Drug testing services will improve the Drug Court team’s ability to monitor treatment progress and provide the more immediate, objective feedback needed for an effective treatment relationship.

Additional dedicated case management services will help increase the overall treatment capacity of the program and improve upon the time it takes to screen potential candidates waiting in the jail. Case Managers will have more time to spend with clients to address complex issues, such as physical and co-occurring mental health problems many participants face that can hinder the recovery process. Case managers will provide resource coordination and referrals for additional treatment services, including individual, family or group therapy, medication-assisted treatment, residential treatment and intensive outpatient services.

A portion of the funds will be used to provide therapeutic and behaviorally effective token rewards designed to positively influence treatment retention and motivate clients to continue their success and maintain their sobriety.

Apr 13, 2018 | Blog, News

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