David Lawrence Centers    Board Member and Children’s Book Author Gives Talk and Donates Books to Kids in Collier County Public Schools

David Lawrence Centers Board Member and Children’s Book Author Gives Talk and Donates Books to Kids in Collier County Public Schools

One of the newest members of the David Lawrence Centers Caryn Hacker-Buechel, spent the day just before summer break representing the Center’s extensive . She spoke to several classes of children throughout the day at the Mike Davis Elementary School and Gulfview Middle School.

Hacker-Buechel, a local children’s book author, psychotherapist and motivational speaker, focused her presentation on understanding feelings and dealing with anger. She also read a chapter from her book A Bully Grows Up: Erik Meets the Wizard and generously donated and autographed the book with a personal note for each child.

During her presentation, she explained to the children that help dealing with feelings and bullying was always available at the David Lawrence Centers . Information about the Center’s comprehensive children’s programs and services was sent home with each child in attendance. The kids were encouraged to read the book and discuss it with their parents over the summer.

Hacker-Buechel states, “I believe emotional awareness and health needs to be as important as intellectual and/or athletic endeavors. The optimal time to effect any change is when people are young. It was a great experience representing the David Lawrence Centers in order to do my part to help create a more balanced, emotionally aware, assertive and verbal generation.”

Many requests for presentations are scheduled in the community through the David Lawrence Centers Speaker’s Bureau. A network of qualified staff and board members offer their expertise and time to conduct these awareness generating presentations on a variety of topics. The Speaker’s Bureau is a community service offered to the business community, organizations, churches and the schools with the goal being prevention, awareness, advocacy and improved access for those in need.

The Speaker’s Bureau provides an opportunity to educate the public on mental health and substance use issues and trends and how they impact the Collier County community. Presentations focus on how to identify warning signs, what services are available in Collier County and how to access care. They can also be tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

For Hacker-Buechel the opportunity was a win a win. She explains, “From my experience in the mental health field, I learned that kindness is paramount to personal growth, whether my own or someone else’s. I loved spending the day with the children offering emotional support and promoting conscious kindness because it was mutually beneficial for the kids, teachers, the David Lawrence Centers and for me.”

The David Lawrence Centers is honored and proud to have such talented professionals like Caryn Hacker-Buechel on the board and on staff who represent our organization and our mission.

Jul 01, 2011 | News

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