Grant Helps Clients Stay on Course

Grant Helps Clients Stay on Course

One of the hardest parts of beating an addiction is staying sober once you’ve kicked the habit. That’s why David Lawrence Center offers “wellness services” as part of its Crossroads Addiction Recovery program — to help clients stay on the right path.

A $10,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Collier County is doing just that. The grant, designated for those wellness services, helps to provide art therapy, pet therapy, equine-facilitated psychotherapy, nutrition education, yoga, meditation, fitness training, and more. These services are not covered by insurance, but are a vital part of the journey to recovery.

“Equine therapy helped me learn to manage my anxiety and become more confident,” said one former client. “I overcame fear and self-doubt by working with my horse.”

Another client said the yoga program and pet therapy were a big help. “The therapeutic benefits of being around an animal are amazing,” she said.

Learn more about DLC’s wellness services here

Aug 08, 2017 | News

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