New Children’s Anger Management Group Therapy Program Launched

New Children’s Anger Management Group Therapy Program Launched

David Lawrence Centers recently launched a new children’s anger management group therapy program called Talk It Out: Helping Kids Deal with Anger. The program is designed for intermediate and elementary school children (ages 6-12) who, as a result of a variety of presenting problems and diagnoses, struggle with impulse control, anger control, aggression and problem solving. The addition of this program is part of the Children’s Outpatient Services expansion which began last July when the Center transitioned from children’s residential to outpatient care to better meet the needs of Collier County families.

The goal of the Talk It Out group is to teach children effective coping skills, relaxation techniques, problem solving skills and anger management strategies. Talk It Out engages children to open up using role playing, informal discussion and music and art therapy. The group therapy modality allows for learning and practicing in a structured, social therapeutic setting with children their own age. Two groups for children ages 6-9 and 10-12 will be held weekly. Program length is typically eight sessions however, some children may benefit from additional sessions. As the program develops, more groups and times may be added.

If you know a child who may benefit from this new anger management program, call the David Lawrence Centers at (239) 491-7602 for an assessment to see if they are clinically appropriate.

Feb 01, 2009 | News

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