New Initiatives with Collier County Public Schools

New Initiatives with Collier County Public Schools

Through efforts spearheaded by Dr. Kamela Patton, Superintendent of Collier County Public Schools, a new committee of mental health leaders from the schools and DLC has been established to focus solely on developing new strategies and initiatives that will assist with prevention, early intervention, treatment and improved care coordination for children with mental health concerns. Through an open dialog, the group is identifying ways to intervene early and address concerns to improve safety, wellness and student achievement.

Several successful outcomes have already been developed by this committee with much more action steps yet to come. The first is the placement of a new DLC School Liaison, funded by the Naples Children and Education Foundation, who will be available for guidance counselors, teachers and nursing staff to coordinate referrals and improve communication between DLCclinical staff and the schools on existing clients. The second was a specialized training for more than 50 school guidance counselors developed by DLC Clinical Supervisor Nancy Dauphinais about the growing problem of the self-injurious behavior known as cutting. Lastly, DLC will certify another 50 school personnel in Youth Mental Health First Aid so they can understand the risk factors and warning signs of a variety of mental health challenges and the how to intervene.

This community collaboration is committed to the health and happiness of our children and is dedicated to addressing the complex needs and challenges of today’s youth.

“Our collaborative partnership is aimed at improving student achievement by addressing any mental health concerns which may exist.”


Apr 01, 2015 | News

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