David Lawrence Centers has partnered with Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company (Genoa), the sixth largest drug chain in the United States with over 325 pharmacies located on the campuses of community mental health centers, to provide integrated, full service pharmacy services on-site for our clients.

Construction began this month to convert several offices into the new pharmacy – which will have its own entrance in Building D-3 on our main Polly Keller Campus. The pharmacy is set to open in March 2017.

This complementary service will advance our integrated care strategic initiative. Our goal is to integrate Genoa’s pharmacists and pharmacy staff into our treatment team to provide a higher level of service and convenience as well as improve medication adherence. As partners on our integrated care team, the pharmacists will be able to see the full picture of care so they can better help patients reach their health goals.

Studies show that centralizing clinical and pharmaceutical care for behavioral health conditions results in higher rates of medication adherence, which helps people live productive lives and reduces healthcare spending. A recent study showed that:

  • Genoa patients had a 96 percent medication adherence rate which was significantly greater than community pharmacies across all patient groups.
  • Genoa patients had a 40 percent lower rate of behavioral health-related hospitalizations.
  • Genoa patients had an 18 percent lower rate of behavioral health-related emergency department visits.

More and more behavioral health organizations are moving towards an integrated, onsite pharmacy model because of the many ways this optimizes patient care. Genoa is one of only a few pharmacy service organizations that specialize in working with behavioral health providers. As a result, their pharmacists and pharmacy staff are experts at working with issues related to mental health, such as difficulties in getting prior authorizations and the need to address other issues that challenge optimal medication adherence.

Genoa pharmacists develop a trusting relationship with their patients, because they understand the needs and challenges associated with mental health conditions. They even have a system of organizing medications by day and time in customized bubble packs to help patients with severe and persistent mental illness and their caregivers keep track of the medication regimen.

Having an on-site pharmacy will give DLC clients the option to fill all their medications prescribed by our medical staff as well as primary care and other outside prescribers, in the privacy and convenience of the Center’s campus. The pharmacy staff will work with prescribers to help track medication adherence – how often and whether consumers are filling prescriptions. This real-time tracking and feedback to medical staff can assist with ensuring better health outcomes and improved well-being. They are also able to provide medication delivery options for consumers to help reduce barriers for non-adherence.

Genoa pharmacists will also be available to lend their expertise and support to the Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida primary care physicians who will be opening a clinincal office on the David Lawrence Centers main campus in 2017 as another important step in furthering our integrated care initiatives.

Oct 04, 2016 | News

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