“One of My Favorite Days”

“One of My Favorite Days”

Few things make Leslie Wasserman happier than helping people turn their lives around . . . especially if one of those lives was literally on the brink of death.

Wasserman, a retired psychotherapist, volunteers at David Lawrence Center every Monday, working with women in the Crossroads addiction recovery program. Working in a group therapy setting, Wasserman specializes in helping addicts who struggle with mothering, codependency, domestic violence, rape, and trauma.

“Many of the women are at their lowest point when they begin treatment at Crossroads,” says Wasserman. “Many come directly to us from jails and hospitals.”

There was one woman in particular that Wasserman says she’ll never forget. The woman had been abused and abandoned by her parents, and later ended up addicted and on the streets, struggling to survive. Some unimaginably terrible things happened to her, and by the time she came to Crossroads for help, she was suffering from PTSD.

“But she was determined to get clean once and for all,” says Wasserman, who spent hours with the woman. “We began the process of healing. We talked about setting boundaries. She was a beautiful, bright, and kind woman with potential. I pray that she is doing well.”

The good news is that many former clients are doing quite well, thanks in part to the help of our volunteers. Wasserman feels blessed to play her part.

“Volunteering at DLC is one of my favorite days of the week,” she says. “Not only do I give back my educated skills as a therapist, but it helps me experience mental stimulation. Some of the benefits of volunteering include reduction of stress, feeling useful, and improved happiness. The DLC staff help you feel welcome and comfortable.”

Wasserman and her husband Mark also enjoy traveling, spending time with their children and grandchildren, and raising horses. She is a voracious reader, belonging to three book clubs.

David Lawrence Centers is incredibly grateful for volunteers. If you’re interested in helping people find hope and healing, learn more about volunteering here.

Aug 08, 2017 | News

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