Each year, as we plan our “Magical Musical Tour; Dancing through the Decades” annual gala, we identify a specific area of need within David Lawrence Centers and the community that would benefit from a special funding segment, in which all funds raised go directly to that area.  This year’s area of need is the expansion of our children’s services.

Our gala event fundraising has four parts: A wine pull, in which attendees buy donated bottles and all proceeds go to the designated cause; a live auction; a silent auction; and the Up Up and A Way to Healing general appeal that gives everyone a chance to donate. Before the general appeal, people will watch a video that includes a testimonial about how DLC helped rebuild a child’s life.

The choice of children’s services for our fundraising focus sends a message: David Lawrence Centers understands that as our community continues to grow (its population is due to double in the next 20 years), we must address the growing needs of young people. The mental health and wellness of our children is key to our community’s long-term stability. Up Up and A Way to Healing sends the clear message that DLC sees the big picture and is stepping up.

I hope our gala attendees will connect to the work we do with children. It’s a connection that goes deeper than money. I hope people’s hearts and minds will be opened, and that they will be moved to become partners with us.

I hope that after leaving the event, whenever people see troubled kids in our community, they will remember the gala and remember the hope and impact of that night. We want people to feel there’s room for everyone to bring whatever they have to help us rebuild the lives of youngsters affected by mental illness and addiction, and their families. Whether it’s help with money, an in-kind donation, or volunteering, I hope people will feel “There’s a place for me. There’s room for me under the DLC tent to have an impact.”

We also want people to realize that for every child they see struggling, there’s a family. It’s not just about that child. If we can get the child involved at DLC, we can get services to the family that supports that child.

As funding for mental health and addiction services continues to be cut, the need continues to grow. But I am optimistic, knowing that people have a heart to give. If we can communicate the need, they will rise to the occasion.

For more information about how you can support the children’s services expansion contact Constituent Relations or purchase tickets to the gala here.

Jan 03, 2017 | News

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