Your Naples Mental Health Center

Your Naples Mental Health Center

Mental health is part of who we are: it is comprised of our emotional, psychological and social well-being. The lifetime chances of being affected by a mental health problem — whether it is your own or that of someone you know — is great, due to the widespread prevalence of mental health challenges. Approximately one in five adults or 43.8 million adults suffer from a mental health illness in a given year, according to statistics published by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. With the rate of mental illness so high, it’s important to know where you can go for help when you need it. In Naples, the David Lawrence Centers is here for you and your loved ones by providing emergency, outpatient, and residential treatment programs for both children and adults.

Emergency Treatment Options in Naples, Florida

Our emergency treatment options include inpatient crisis stabilization, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. When someone comes to us with an emergency situation, whether an adult or child, the individual is evaluated by a team of behavioral health care professionals in a non-hospital environment. The behavioral health care professionals include psychiatrists, clinicians, and nurses who are skilled and trained in risk assessment and crisis intervention. That means that several people will be coming together to safely evaluate and find the best treatment possible to help get you or your loved one to a better place mentally and emotionally. The purpose of the evaluation is to help assess what led to the crisis and then to provide holistic, integrated services in order to stabilize the individual. An individualized treatment plan is identified to minimize the risk of crisis in the future. There are 28 total beds available to serve both children and adults in separate Crisis Stabilization Units located in Naples, Florida.

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment in Naples, Florida

The David Lawrence Centers also offers outpatient services for adults in Naples, which include treatment of psychiatric, emotional and substance use problems. Created and staffed by a team of mental health professionals, the goal of outpatient mental health treatment services is to provide support, direction, and aid in developing coping skills. The outpatient services include individual, family, and group therapy, wellness groups for individuals with chronic psychiatric disorders, anger management group therapy, as well as group therapy for substance use disorders. Group therapy for substance use disorders includes random drug and alcohol screens and is focused on providing support in the form of therapy, education, and structure. The program ranges anywhere from 8-16 weeks.

Residential Treatment Program in Naples, Florida

The residential treatment program for substance and co-occurring disorders at David Lawrence Centers offers flexible lengths of stay through Crossroads, which focuses on detoxification, residential and intensive outpatient rehab services, treating both substance use and co-occurring mental health problems. Those who come to the residential treatment program go through an initial comprehensive assessment to determine the appropriate level of care and personalized treatment options. Crossroads is situated on a beautiful and peaceful eight-acre campus, making it a great setting to begin your recovery.

Need help? We’re your Naples Mental Health Center; here to provide support, assistance, guidance and treatment options, many of which are covered by your health insurance plan. Contact us if you need help – we’re here for you.

Jul 01, 2016 | Mental Health, News

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