Outpatient Addiction Programs in Naples, FL

Outpatient Addiction Programs in Naples, FL

More than 50% of the inmates in the prison said that they were under influence of drugs or alcohol when they committed the crime. As shocking as it may seem, the reality is that millions of people in the U.S. are suffering from serious addiction that takes a toll in their lives.

Addiction or substance use refers to an unhealthy relationship with alcohol or drugs. Sufferers feel a strong urge to take drugs or other substances that they cannot fight despite the negative consequences. The sobering fact is that both children and adults are susceptible to substance use and other addictions.

Research studies suggest that drug addiction in children and adolescents has been on the rise since the 1980s. Drug addiction affects the mental development of children and they are not able to properly grow and develop like a normal child who has had no contact with drugs. Children may also suffer from various psychiatric disorders due to complications from addiction such as panic attacks, psychosis, seizures and much more.

How to get Help for Getting a Grip on Addiction?

Are you or someone you know suffering from substance use and addiction? If so, you should get help as early as possible and find the right addiction treatment program to treat the condition. Finding the best rehab facility requires more than matching the addiction with the program. You need to select a rehab center that meets your immediate, short-term, and long-term improvement goals for eliminating the addiction.

Selecting the right rehab facility requires that proper assessment of your condition to ensure that the facility fulfills your unique needs. You will want to consider the following factors when choosing an addiction treatment program:

  • Severity of addiction and substance use symptoms
  • Availability of varied levels of care, including outpatient support services
  • Mental health symptoms and treatment needs

Treatments for addiction vary and include different methods and stages. You may want to consider starting with a residential program, or an intensive outpatient treatment program depending on the severity of the addiction. Severe addicts may need to be admitted to the facility for 24-hour care to treat the condition. Some other components of the addiction treatment plan include:

Outpatient Addiction Programs in Naples, FL

If you live around the area of Naples, Florida, you should note that Crossroads, as part of the David Lawrence Centers, provides intensive outpatient therapy to treat individuals suffering from addiction by addressing both their substance use and any mental health problems. The rehab facility provides outpatient addiction treatment to addicts who may also have a co-occurring mental health disorder. Affected individuals can find relief from their addiction through evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral therapy that is designed to provide clinical direction, support, and assistance.

Outpatient treatment programs do not require affected persons to live in residential treatment facilities to overcome the addiction. An outpatient treatment program minimizes the effects on an individual’s work and home schedules, allowing them to lead a productive life while participating in treatment.

Want to know more about the outpatient addiction program in Naples, Florida? Contact Crossroads or call (239) 354-1428 (available 24/7) to get information about effective treatment for substance use and addictions.

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