Tips to Stay Positive this Holiday Season

Tips to Stay Positive this Holiday Season

-By DLC Children’s Outreach Specialist Jessica Liria, M.S.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and many of us have mixed emotions about it. There is no doubt that our celebrations of joy and gratitude will look different this year, but great memories and comforting feelings are still to be had. Here are some tips to make the best out of this holiday season.

Focus on the Positives—It is understandable that this is easier said than done; however, remember the old saying “Mind over Matter?” Let’s not forget what the holidays are all about—love, thanks, and togetherness. Use each day to reflect on what you are grateful for. For a great activity for you and the whole family, check out the American Heart Association’s 21 Days of Gratitude Challenge.

Stay Connected—Social distancing and other precautionary measures will make it hard to gather in person to celebrate. Don’t let this stop you! Think outside the box and be creative. Plan a virtual Thanksgiving get-together or organize a drive-thru gift exchange. We can still “see” our loved ones even though it is not in the way we prefer or are used to.

Practice Self-Care—Along with all the warm, fuzzy feelings the holidays bring, we are vulnerable to being overwhelmed…the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and more, can take a toll on our emotional health. Don’t forget to take care of you! Ensure you are taking the time to de-stress and let go of that built-up tension. Whether it is five minutes or two hours, it all helps. Assess your self-care habits, identify improvements and make your own customized plan by clicking here.

Develop New Traditions—Out with the old, and in with the new! Every family has their own traditions; things we look forward to year after year. While some traditions may not be possible during this time, reflect on what changes can be made to the usual routine. Establishing new traditions is a great way to improve family bonding time and to focus on something fresh and unique.

Ask for Help—No concern is too small when it comes to mental health. This has been a rough year that has had an impact on everyone. It is OKto not feel OK, and it is OK to ask for help. Feelings of anxiety, anger and sadness weigh heavily on our ability to get through the day and these emotions can put a damper on what is usually an enjoyable end of the year. David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health has made linking with services easier than ever before through the Virtual Care Center. We all deserve happy and healthy lives! Visit our Virtual Care Center page to start your journey to wellness.

Yes, 2020 has brought many struggles and hardships, but the human spirit is one of resilience and we all have the power to get through this. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Be the light and continue to shine. Happy Holidays to all!

Nov 16, 2020 | Blog, Mental Health

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