Substance Abuse Counselor in Southwest Florida

Substance Abuse Counselor in Southwest Florida

What Does a Substance Abuse Counselor Do?

Did you know counseling is an essential component of substance use addiction treatment? Counseling is a well-proven, effective method to help substance use addicts recover. Finding the perfect substance use counselor in Southwest Florida can be a difficult undertaking for someone seeking substance use help.

An individual suffering from substance use addictions and disorders needs a professional counselor who will help him or her better understand and overcome their addiction. Professional substance use counselors help individuals by providing guidance, support, education, and rehabilitation in a therapy setting. Substance abuse counselors exclusively counsel and empower individuals with substance use problems.

According to The Association For Addiction Professionals, it’s the responsibility of the addiction professional to safeguard the integrity of the counseling relationship and to ensure that the client is provided with services that are most beneficial. Typically, a licensed substance use counselor will develop an individual treatment plan for each patient, specific to his or her needs. The right recovery plan is tailored to an individuals needs.

Substance Abuse Counseling & Support

A substance use counselor should fully support the individual throughout the entire substance use evaluation. The substance use counselor must establish a good relationship with the patient, letting the patient know that he or she has a supporter throughout the recovery process. Each counselor makes a commitment to fully understand patients’ substance use recovery needs.

Guidance & Education

Counselors help individuals work past their addiction, educating them about substance use addiction and substance use disorders. Substance abuse counselors help individuals set achievable short-term and long-term goals. Counselors help patients learn to cope with life, without substance use.


Substance abuse counselors provide various recovery steps that are geared towards individual needs throughout the patient’s stay. Rehabilitation allows the addicted person to temporarily escape the environment that allowed him or her to use drugs. An individual typically goes to a specialized facility for a period of weeks to months – which can be highly effective in the short term. (WebMD)

Find a Substance Abuse Counselor who Understands Your Addiction & Disorder

Crossroads in Naples has numerous certified substance use counselors that are professionally trained in dealing with individuals seeking substance use help, providing them with the care they need. At Crossroads, we make sure that our patients are provided with the best professional substance use counselors. From group, individual, and family therapies to educational and wellness services, our treatment programs are designed to help you and your family understand the disease of addiction. It’s our goal at Crossroads to help you better manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviors; to learn the skills to maintain healthy relationships; and to understand what it takes to manage your recovery and live a balanced life. Start making lasting changes in your life, contact Crossroads today!

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