Drug Prevention Programs | How is Education Relevant?

Drug Prevention Programs | How is Education Relevant?

In a day and age where things are evolving very quickly, it is important to continue to monitor trends in both youths and adults over long periods of time so that treatment centers are able to structure the best kind of drug prevention programs for its patients.

Substance abuse prevention and education programs aim to prevent individuals, particularly adolescents, from the harmful physical, social, and psychological consequences of drug and alcohol use or abuse.

The Connection

Drug prevention programs and education go hand in hand. Treatment centers, schools, and parents make strong efforts to educate clients, students, and children so that they can avoid the recovery process all together. Without education, there would be no drug prevention programs at all.

What You Need to Know About Drug Prevention Programs

  1. Drug education must instill in a person’s mind (particularly younger individuals) the consequences of drug use and abuse. Thus, when they are pressured to try drugs, they will already be aware of the consequences.
  2. Drug use appeals to young people because they tend to believe that it will solve some kind of problem. Stress factors vary from social rejection, family problems, boredom, self-esteem issues and more. As such, it is important to stress in any drug education program that there are healthier outlets to cope with these stress factors.
  3. The potential impact of specific risk and protective factors changes with age.
  4. Early intervention (when risk factors such as aggressive behavior) often has a greater impact than a later intervention that would aim to turn problems into positive behaviors.
  5. Drug prevention and education programs should address ALL forms of drug abuse and identify a local drug problem, target risk factors, and strengthen identified protective behaviors.

Drug Prevention Planning

Whether you are a parent or concerned citizen, monitoring and supervising the person at risk is crucial for drug abuse prevention. A great way to prepare for drug prevention programs is to set rules, establish techniques for monitoring activities, praise appropriate behavior, and enforce rules with discipline as necessary.

Another great way to prepare is to educate yourself. Becoming familiar with drug prevention material will reinforce what your child or loved-one will learn in school or other drug-prevention programs. The more a person hears the same information, the more likely they are to become acquainted with the information themselves.

Drug Prevention Programs in Naples, FL

Be proactive, not reactive. If you are interested in drug prevention programs or want to learn more, The David Lawrence Centers in Naples, Florida can help. The David Lawrence Centers provides prevention education and outreach services for both children and adults that focus on a variety of mental health and substance use topics.

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Jan 20, 2016 | Substance Use

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