• Tuesday 21 February, 2023
  • 5:30 pm -
  • Date: Tuesday 21 February, 2023
  • Time: 5:30 pm -
  • Virtual Presentation
Emma Benoit: Movement to Spread Hope and Fight Suicide

A suicide attempt left 16-year-old varsity cheerleader Emma Benoit paralyzed, but propelled her on a mission to use her painful experience to help others find hope and healing.

Emma will share her story through a screening of her documentary, My Ascension. Parents, grandparents, educators, and those interested in supporting youth mental health are invited to attend and learn from Emma’s powerful story.

DLC will be hosting Emma at both an In-person and Virtual screening/presentation.

Please join us on either dates:

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 | 5:30 p.m. | Virtual Presentation

Thursday, March 2, 2023 | 5:30 p.m. | Live Presentation at Moorings Presbyterian


For more information, please contact Briana Shipe Karazsi at donorcare@DLCenters.org.

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