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3 Movies to Talk about Mental Health with Children
Movies to Help Start a Mental Health Conversation

Films can be good conversation starters when discussing mental health with your children and can help them develop empathy. We’ve put together discussion topics for three popular children’s movies that touch on mental health.

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Mental Health Starts at Home
Mental Health Starts at Home: Engage Your Children in a Family Wellbeing Plan

Have you ever thought about the tools, systems, and routines that can protect your children’s and family’s mental health? Stress and anxiety have become a pervasive challenge for both adults and children, with potential emotional triggers lurking around every corner of work, school, and other environments. We can’t control most external environments any more than we can control the weather, but what about our home environment?

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Children's Mental Wellbeing and Resilience
Tips to Help Your Child Develop Emotional Intelligence Skills

For children, mental health largely involves the development of emotional and social skills that directly impact their ability to cope with challenge, have healthy interactions with others and cultivate self-esteem. Click the link below for tips to help children develop Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills for mental wellbeing and resilience.

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The newly launched, Community Mental Health Partnership is a strategic collaboration between DLC and organizations that want to invest in community health, safety, prosperity, and wellbeing. Please email donorcare@dlcenters.org for more information on how to become a partner.

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