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The DLC Virtual Care Center offers children, adults, and families remote access to over 100 of our counselors and clinicians that provide virtual counseling, virtual doctor and medical services, and new client registration.

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DLC Advocates is open to anyone in the community who is passionate about creating life-changing wellness for every individual. By becoming a DLC Advocates member, you are committing to positively impact and significantly alter the future of mental health and wellness in Collier County.

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Mental Wellness Activities

Looking to find different ways to Mind Your Mind at home?
Here are 4 ways for seniors to boost their mental health.


Mind Your Mind Reads

Ready to dig a little further? Our team will curate a list of books each month to help you Mind Your Mind in 2022. Check back each month for new recommendations.

  • Atomic Habits Atomic Habits
    James Clear
  • Blue Zones of Happiness The Blue Zone of Happiness
    Dan Buettner
  • 13 Things Mentally Strong People 13 Things Mentally Strong People don't Do
    Amy Morin

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Our year-long community initiative is here to bring attention to emotional health, encourage earlier intervention, and better ensure our kids and community are healthy, well, and safe. Explore other months’ Mind Your Mind content by clicking below. At the end of each month, the current month’s content will be available here.

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