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David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health (DLC) is partnering with local churches and faith organizations for Mindful Compassion: A Missional Movement.

The Mindful Compassion initiative provides transforming love, support, and hope to those affected by mental health issues. It is an interfaith effort to bring a diverse faith-based experience to all clients by creating caring congregations and communities. Mindful Compassion hopes to create a strong coalition of the faith-based community who share the belief that our faith mandates us to serve those afflicted with mental illness and to provide them and their families with the support and hope they need.

Through Mindful Compassion, DLC offers faith organizations tools, trainings, presentations, and resources to incorporate into their ministries, developing churches and congregants into stronger, more knowledgeable advocates for the mentally challenged. This includes assisting parishioners in their own churches who suffer and are challenged. The faith organizations participate with DLC clients as they counsel, shepherd and nurture the spiritual component of our constituent’s wellness and recovery plans. They also offer their parishioners opportunities to personally serve and assist those in need. Mindful Compassion is led by an advisory board of individuals from various faith organizations. They provide counsel to DLC on how to oversee and implement Mindful Compassion within the community. Churches and faith-based organizations are invited to be an Affiliated Partner of Mindful Compassion.

Together, DLC and the faith-based community will work to change the discussion in our community to one that is compassionate towards those who suffer with mental health and substance use issues.

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To learn more about faith-based programs, simply fill out the form below. For more information, please call (239) 304-3505 or email spiritcare@DLCenters.org.

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