Clint had a self-described great childhood. He grew up in a loving, middle class family and stayed active by playing every sport imaginable. But like too many misguided youth, when he was in the impressionable middle school years, he got wrapped up in the wrong crowd and started experimenting with drugs. First, it was marijuana just to fit in with the “cool” kids. Then, it quickly evolved into more hardcore “party” drugs including mushrooms, acid and ecstasy. By the time he was 18, he had a full blown addiction to opioids and cocaine that would ruin his young adult life and tear his family apart.

A one-time firefighter hopeful, his career aspirations came crashing down when he was arrested for selling drugs to accommodate his habit. Attorney fees, court order drug rehab, jail, mental, physical and emotional pain and the ensuing financial burden proved too much for his parents and they split up in the wake of the turmoil.

Clint’s devoted mother held her breath living in constant fear her son would die. She shared, “I can’t tell you how many times I thought I’d get a call or open the door and someone would tell me he was dead from an overdose.” On more than one occasion that fear became a reality. Over the next ten years, he had three overdoses and one near death experience that landed him in the emergency room.

Clint’s mother knew that tough love would be the only thing that could save him. She made the hardest decision of her life, when she kicked him out and cut him off in the middle of the holidays. When he was admitted to the David Lawrence Centers Detox Unit, he was a 28-year-old broken, homeless man stealing, lying and cheating to get his next fix. He adds, “I just wanted to die to get it over with. I had tried getting sober my way so many times. I was ready to admit I couldn’t do it alone and needed help.” After spending a week in Detox, he was admitted to the Center’s Crossroads residential substance use treatment program where he was given the best Christmas present he’d ever received… the gift of recovery. He rang in the New Year sober for the first time in his life surrounded by supportive, caring people who helped him say goodbye to his drug of choice and be truly honest about what his addiction had cost him.

Clint took full of advantage of the tools he was given while in the program and leaned on the expert staff for guidance. He journaled, did his step work, participated in equine therapy and yoga and actively, humbly opened up in group. After he was discharged, Clint participated in the free aftercare services and, as advised, immediately got connected to the recovery community by finding a sponsor and attending daily 12-step meetings – something he believes wholeheartedly has made the difference in his continued sobriety and success.

Clint adds, “I could never have gotten clean without the staff at Crossroads. They are a huge support system that I know I can call at any time. I wouldn’t be where I am today without David Lawrence Centers . Crossroads is a million dollar program and I know it saved my life. “

As for Clint’s mom, she adds, “I had so little hope, but within just a few days at Crossroads I could see a big difference in him. Clint returned home the sober, wonderful person he was before drugs took over and it gets better every day. I am so grateful for this life-changing opportunity that gave me my son back. I can finally breathe again.”

With a new lease on life, a new job he landed through connections in the recovery community and a new, supportive girlfriend, Clint’s happier than he’s ever been. He plans to stay humble and sober by getting involved in service work so he can help troubled kids get back on the right path and avoid making the same mistakes he did.

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