Jessica, a seventeen year old with severe depression who attempted suicide, benefited from the David Lawrence Center’s Urgent Care Clinic. The program kept her out of an inpatient setting while providing her the immediate support and counseling she needed to move past her crisis and on to recovery. After her sister found her with her wrists cut, her mother drove her straight to the Clinic where Jessica was seen immediately and given an assessment. A therapist determined that she was no longer a threat to herself and quickly linked her to psychiatric services where she was diagnosed with severe depression and prescribed an antidepressant which helped stabilize her. Afterwards she was referred to outpatient counseling where she worked with a therapist on how to deal with her abandonment issues and cope with her past trauma and difficult relationships with her father and stepfather.

Jessica adds, “When I came to the Urgent Care Clinic, they were very caring and talked me down out of my crisis. They helped me realize the severity of what I had done and that I did have a reason to live. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help.”

Today, Jessica is in a much happier place and continues to take her medications and attend outpatient counseling. She plans to go back to school to finish her senior year and then go on to college. She attributes her success and even her “life” to the treatment she received at David Lawrence Centers . She stated, “Whenever I am feeling upset or anxious, I use the tools my therapist taught me and it really helps.” Jessica’s self-esteem and confidence has improved and she is proof that with proper medication and effective use of cognitive and behavioral tools, people can and will get better.

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