Kevin’s parents always considered him sensitive and a bit unruly. But after they got divorced, his behavior got “really bad” and they became concerned that it wasn’t a normal reaction. His mother shares, “It escalated gradually. He started acting out, not listening and getting in trouble at his day care. His teachers couldn’t control him and he began having terrible temper tantrums where he would tear up his room. I had no idea what to do.”

The daycare referred him to the David Lawrence Centers where he was given a comprehensive assessment and diagnosed with adjustment disorder. Kevin was referred into an intense therapeutic behavioral program that allowed the therapist to work with him onsite in the school and home settings where his outbursts occurred. For nine months, they met weekly and then monthly until his problems subsided and he had the skills to handle his feelings appropriately.

While in the program, the therapist worked on his listening and coping skills utilizing play therapy and real life situations that Kevin was struggling with. His mother states, “The therapist had him use his favorite dinosaur toys to act out situations. He went from having them violently kill each other over not sharing toys to playing as friends having one be the hero. She also helped us get him into a special class with a teacher trained in dealing with troubled kids.” While in the program, his parents were also provided the skills they needed to handle situations when Kevin acted out.

His mother adds, “David Lawrence Centers has totally changed our lives. Everything used to always be such a fight and now we have a routine and he does what he is told. We are so grateful that there are programs like this available in our community.”

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