Vanessa Rivero Gil

Vanessa Rivero Gil

Prevention Specialist

Name & Title: Vanessa Rivero Gil, Prevention Specialist

In her position, Vanessa Rivero Gil implements evidence-based prevention programs throughout the community, and in both school and after-school settings. Prevention programming focuses on reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors. Youth of all ages, ranging from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, learn about, and improve, emotion management skills, peer refusal strategies, risk reduction techniques, decision making skills, setting and achieving goals, the negative consequences of substance use, and more.

“What I like the most about being a Prevention Specialist is that I feel I’m making a difference in children’s lives,” says Rivero Gil. “When I transitioned from the DLC Medical Services Department, I told everyone I was going to try my very best so future generations would not need higher levels of care and that has been my vision since I started.”


  • TV Show: Friends
  • Movie: Eat, Pray & Love
  • Food: Guacamole
  • Hobby or past time: Yoga, painting, and dancing
  • Animal: Wolf
  • Part about working in Prevention and at DLC: The amazing friendships I’ve developed. DLC has great people to work with!


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