You Are Not Alone

Our mission is to restore and rebuild lives by providing compassionate, advanced, and exceptional mental health, substance use, and integrated healthcare solutions for all. We care deeply about the success of our clients, and here, we’ve shared stories of some of our clients’ successes. With their own dedication and with the help of caring staff members of the David Lawrence Centers, the adults and children below have found hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Blog image 1 Johnathan


Trauma and Addiction  How trauma therapy helped end the negative beliefs and self-sabotaging I've been addicted to adrenaline since I...

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Blog image 1 Elier


Second Chances How DLC, with a little help from a canine friend, saved this man’s life. About six years ago,...

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Blog image 1 Michael


Michael has been sober for three years – and two of those years have been while living at Hope Home,...

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Blog image 1 Luis


“They Gave Me My Life Back” How Luis found a brand new start at David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health...

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Blog image 1 Amanda


“I Could Actually Have Hope” By Amanda As a child, I had no idea what was wrong with me. I...

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Blog image 1 Jody


“I Feel Normal Again” When I relapsed into my old opioid habit, David Lawrence Centers and the M.O.R.E. program gave...

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