Meet our Leadership Team

We would not be where we are without the help of our dedicated Leadership Team.
Learn more about our talented leadership below.

Photo of Scott Burgess
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Scott Burgess
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Nancy Dauphinais
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Nancy Dauphinais
Chief Operating Officer
Photo of Mary Ann Guerra
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Mary Ann Guerra
Chief Clinical Officer
Photo of Kimberly Dye
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Kimberly Dye
Vice President of Advancement

Clinical Team

The clinical team is here to help you achieve success. Meet the team dedicated to your treatment.

Photo of Ashley Swan
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Ashley Swan
Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Clinician
Photo of Britten Grayden
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Britten Grayden
Crossroads Clinician
Photo of Erin Lyristakis
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Erin Lyristakis
Crossroads and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Clinical Supervisor

Program Directors

Photo of Maggie Baldwin
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Maggie Baldwin
Director of Crossroads Continuum Services
Photo of Beverly Belli
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Beverly Belli
Director of Adult Community Services
Photo of Karen Buckner
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Karen Buckner
Director of Children’s Community Services
Photo of Nate Carrington
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Nate Carrington
Director of Quality Improvement & Organizational Performance
Photo of Joseph Garcia
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Joseph Garcia
Director of Information Technology
Photo of Angela Lopez
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Angela Lopez
Director of Access and Outpatient Therapy Services
Photo of Diana Snover
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Diana Snover
Director of Human Resources
Photo of Andy Stevens
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Andy Stevens
Director of Facilities/Safety Officer
Photo of Adam VanHara
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Adam VanHara
Director of Medical Services & Project Management

Advancement Team

Photo of Miriam Pereira
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Miriam Pereira
Senior Advancement Officer
Photo of Marcy Friedland
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Marcy Friedland
Leadership and Legacy Gifts Officer
Photo of Amanda Curbelo
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Amanda Curbelo
Annual Giving and Events Officer
Photo of Victoria Grimaldo
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Victoria Grimaldo
Development Coordinator

Photo of Jessica Siefer
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Jessica Siefer
Marketing & Communications Manager
Photo of Jessica Liria
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Jessica Liria
Prevention and Education Manager

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