Our Mission

Our mission is to provide life-saving and life-changing
behavioral health care through education, prevention,
intervention, and treatment available to all.

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Centers of Excellence

DLC delivers care to the community through six distinct Centers of Excellence. These complementary areas of focus allow DLC to tailor our education, prevention, intervention, and treatment protocols, delivering care and support to each individual and in a manner that is focused on the whole person.

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Behavioral Health Services

Our Centers of Excellence encompasses 6 key areas of behavioral health. These programs provide life-changing help and support through education, prevention, intervention, and treatment available to all. Click the icon to go to a page to learn more about that service.

How Can We Help?

Select who you’re here to help so that we may point you in the right direction. If you are an existing client, click here to access forms and other resources.

You are not alone

We’ve helped thousands of people in Collier County and throughout the state change their lives. Hear and read stories from the people we’ve helped – in their own words.

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