I thank God for DLC

After a series of difficult events in my life, I turned to alcohol, and ended up feeling suicidal. I saw no light at the end of the tunnel . . . till DLC helped me find it.

Not long ago, I was in a bad place. I was in the midst of an emotionally painful divorce from someone I loved dearly. I’d had neck and back surgery, which left me in agony and unable to work. And I had just relocated to a new town. All pretty stressful stuff.

So, what did I do? I turned to the most familiar coping mechanism I knew: alcohol.

I was working in construction on a job on Marco Island one day, when my stomach ruptured due to the alcohol use, and I was rushed in for emergency surgery. At this point, I could not work or pay rent. I continued self-medicating and became suicidal.

My life had become unmanageable, and the alcohol had control over me. I most certainly did not love myself and felt less than a man. Left to my own devices, I am sure I would have died.

At rock bottom, I was sitting on the curb one day, with no clue what I was going to do with my life. Then suddenly, I had a notion to seek help; I’m pretty sure it was divine intervention. I immediately called 911 and was brought to David Lawrence Centers .

They helped me explore my options, and I went to St. Matthew’s House, a homeless shelter. But before long, I was drinking again, and was in and out of DLC several times, and ultimately ended up out on the streets again, helpless and hopeless.

The next time I went to DLC, I was admitted to the crisis unit, where I was assigned a case manager and linked with Care Coordination Services—a state-funded program that provides services and support. The program helps people transition from DLC to community-based care.

After I went through DLC’s Crossroads Substance Abuse inpatient program, the Care Coordination team helped me find a place to live, get a job, and build a strong support network to keep me—and my recovery—on track.

DLC helped me avoid the stressors that often lead to relapse, and in time, I discovered the confidence and fortitude to become the man I was meant to be. DLC gave back my self-respect and a purpose in life.

I now have a job in environmental services that I love, and I recently bought a vehicle.

I’ve been sober for over a year—and I never would’ve believed that’d bepossible a year ago. I thank God every day for the support I got from the David Lawrence Centers .

Supporters like you make success stories like Brett’s possible. Thank you for your support!

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