Deborah reflects on her 60-year life journey with tragic memories and a difficult upbringing. She has endured physical abuse, addiction, health problems, divorce and financial struggles. Despite this devastating, traumatic past, she sings a different tune today – one filled with hope, new found confidence and a deep admiration for her therapist.

Deborah shares, “Growing up I was told I was a confused, damaged child. I always thought I wasn’t meant to be born.” At 18, she quickly escaped her family, but surrounded herself with people who hurt her and she made poor choices.

When Deborah came to David Lawrence Centers she was suicidal and emotionally and financially bankrupt after suffering a stroke while having knee surgery. She was connected with a therapist and a case manager who helped her obtain stable housing, basic necessities and vocational therapy and advocated on her behalf through a painful foreclosure.

As she began to rebuild, Deborah’s abusive husband of 25 years left her penniless to be with one of her friends. Thankfully, she was already engaged in treatment and her therapist helped her through her darkest time.

Deborah adds, “I was so depressed and experienced terrible grief and abandonment issues.” After her therapist referred her to the Shelter for Abused Women and Alanon, she began to heal. She adds, “It was the three-legged stool that held me up.”

Three years later, she is now realizes how far she has come. She adds, “My therapist was patient and helped me explore who I am. I now embrace my gifts and make better choices.”

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