Adult group therapy is provided at the David Lawrence Centers to help address specific mental health and substance use problems. The group therapy modality is used throughout many of the David Lawrence Centers treatment and prevention programs. An individual must meet certain clinical criteria to be entered into a group therapy program; which is determined though a clinical assessment.

Adult group therapy is becoming increasingly common for people dealing with mental health and substance use problems. These groups have been considered to be beneficial because of the ongoing support that’s received from other members. Group therapy can comfort individuals, by letting them know they are not alone in this world with their mental illness. There are three adult therapy groups at the David Lawrence Center:

  • Wellness Group
  • Anger Management
  • Adult Substance Abuse Group Therapy

The Wellness Group Therapy At David Lawrence Center

The Wellness Group helps individuals with psychotic disorders and/or substance use disorders regain life skills. The group is ongoing as needed and is held weekly.

The Anger Management Group Therapy At David Lawrence Center

The Anger Management Group is for individuals experiencing problems related to the appropriate expression of anger. The group focuses on participants utilizing stress management, communication and alternatives to aggression. Participants learn and practice practical skills. This group is not for individuals experiencing problems with violence or abuse in their intimate or marital relationship.  The Anger Management Group is held weekly for an average of 8 sessions.

The Adult Substance Abuse Group Therapy At David Lawrence Center

David Lawrence Centers adult substance use group therapy is designed for adults who are experiencing problems related to drug and alcohol use or whose lives have become unmanageable as a result of their substance use. The program includes structured psycho-educational group therapy that explores the biospsychosocial aspects of substance use and relapse prevention. Treatment focuses on the recognition of substance as a problem and utilizing the group process to assist the individual in breaking through denial, identifying problem areas and making changes.

The program is flexible and is designed to provide treatment, education, support and structure to overcome chemical dependency while allowing clients to maintain personal schedules and employment. Typically the program lasts 7-16 weeks, depending on the level of the individual’s substance use problem. Members of the program meet in the evenings and are subject to random drug and alcohol screens.

Adult Group Therapy At David Lawrence Center:

Group Therapy is offered in Naples and Immokalee. For additional information contact the David Lawrence Centers at 239.354.1428.  There is proof that whatever your diagnosis may be, it isn’t the end of the world, start a life today that is filled with satiability and happiness, contact us here.

Sep 10, 2014 | Mental Health

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