Call for Nominations: Recovery Month to Honor Local Law Enforcement Officials

Call for Nominations: Recovery Month to Honor Local Law Enforcement Officials

This September marks the 19th annual celebration of National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month (Recovery Month). Recovery Month recognizes individuals in our community who have made a significant impact on substance use recovery. The goal of the observance is to highlight the societal benefits of substance use treatment, celebrate the contributions of treatment providers and community partners and promote the message that recovery from substance use in all its forms is possible.

This year, the David Lawrence Centers will be observing Recovery Month locally, by hosting a reception where we will honor several outstanding Law Enforcement officials, our partners in recovery, for the important role they play in protecting our community and helping individuals in need. They serve on the “front lines” often facing dangerous situations to keep us safe. Many times individuals with addiction disorders or those who are involved in drug and alcohol related criminal activities get on the right path after being encouraged by law enforcement personnel to seek help. Whether it be through prevention programs, first time offenses or other substance use related criminal activity, law enforcement officials play an important and significant role in helping children and adults get clean and back on the right path. Without their support, thousands of people each year wouldn’t get access to the care they need.

The Center is currently welcoming nominations of professionals in all areas of local law enforcement who have made a significant impact on the lives of individuals in need of substance use treatment and the prevention of substance related criminal activity. Nominations from all area law enforcement agencies will be accepted. Representatives from areas including, but not limited to, Patrol, Corrections, Youth and Delinquency Relations, Prevention, Criminal Investigations, Crisis Intervention, Management, etc. are encouraged.

To nominate a dedicated law enforcement official for the 2008 Recovery Month Celebration, complete this application or call Monica Johnson at (239) 643-6101 ext. 2211 for more information. Nominations will be accepted via email, telephone, fax or mail.

Jun 01, 2008 | News

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