The Ackermans and Stranahans Become Founding Members of New David Lawrence Society

The Ackermans and Stranahans Become Founding Members of New David Lawrence Society

The David Lawrence Foundation has proudly launched a new fundraising initiative, The David Lawrence Society, with the announcement of its first founding members: Jean and Don Ackerman and Robin and Pat Stranahan.

The Society is a special initiative designed to help the Foundation develop long range financial planning through the solicitation of unrestricted annual pledges. The Society acknowledges our generous donors with special benefits and recognition at different levels including the satisfaction of helping the Center achieve its life changing mission of restoring and rebuilding the lives of people in desperate need of mental health and substance use treatment regardless of their ability to pay.

Both the Ackermans and the Stranahans have been generous supporters of the Foundation for many years. Not only have they given financially through many different fundraising initiatives, but they have selflessly donated their time and energy serving in a variety of capacities. Jean Ackerman was a Trustee for several years and while on the Board, served as the Chairperson for the Governance Committee. She also served as a Co-Chair and committee member for several of the Foundation’s fundraisers. Robin Stranahan is currently a Trustee and serves as the Second Vice Chair and Co-Secretary. She has also been the Co-Chair for the Special Events Committee for several years, helping the Foundation achieve record breaking financial success for our annual fundraisers.

The founding, multi year leadership pledges of both the Ackermans and the Stranahans have helped launch this important new fundraising initiative. Their gifts will help save lives, keep families together, help children succeed, reduce homelessness, improve quality of life and restore dignity to those in need. If you are interested in joining their efforts, consider becoming a member of The David Lawrence Society. For more information, call Carol Shaw at the Foundation at 239-354-1416.

Jun 01, 2008 | News

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