David Lawrence Centers    Awarded a $5,000 Grant from Bank of America for Supported Employment Services

David Lawrence Centers Awarded a $5,000 Grant from Bank of America for Supported Employment Services

Naples, Fl – David Lawrence Centers, Collier County’s only comprehensive, not-for-profit mental health and addiction recovery treatment center serving children, adults and families, is pleased to announce that Bank of America has awarded the Center a $5,000 grant to fund the Supported Employment Services program for low- and middle-income individuals in our community with mental illness who struggle to find jobs. Bank of America’s investment will help expand the services to more individuals in need and improve the lives of those living with mental illness in Southwest Florida.

Supported Employment Services provide resources to assist individuals with a mental health diagnosis with entering the workforce and maintaining strong employment relationships.

These funds will be used to train individuals on vocational goal setting, job readiness, resume preparation, interviewing skills and personal hygiene. Case managers also provide linkage to other needed supports such as technical skill training programs, clinical/treatment programs and any other necessary resources that will assist the individual with becoming employable. Once vocational readiness is secured, David Lawrence Centers staff assist with job placement, coaching, on-the-job assistance and employer advocacy. A portion of the grant will also be used to provide incidental funds to assist clients with obtaining appropriate work clothes, haircuts, medication and travel assistance as needed.

Supported employment is rooted in the premise that all individuals are integral in a community and have the capacity to be highly productive coupled with the belief that all have an innate desire to manifest unique gifts and purposes. The Supported Employment program helps clients find jobs that match their preferences, capabilities and strengths while eliminating barriers to employment such as limited job experience, education or training.

The overall goal of Supported Employment Services is to help individuals achieve stability so that they are able to lead richer, more satisfying lives. Having a steady job contributes to an individual’s recovery and sense of independence and self-worth. Employment offers opportunities for socialization and camaraderie. It also reduces a person’s need of family as well as state and federal funding support.

David Lawrence Centers President and CEO Scott Burgess said, “David Lawrence Centers is proud to partner with Bank of America to connect those with unique employment challenges with the training and education they need to secure and retain jobs thereby assisting in moving from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving.’ These life-changing services help foster empowerment and independence and alter life trajectories for those we are blessed to serve and for the betterment of their employers and our community at large!”

Southwest Florida nonprofit David Lawrence Centers is a national leader in providing world-class mental health and substance use solutions for children, adolescents and adults. The Center’s innovative, integrated treatment includes inpatient, outpatient, residential, and community-based services – a comprehensive system of care funded by community and government support. Each year, David Lawrence Centers creates life-changing wellness for more than 9,000 people through over 220,000 treatment sessions. To learn more, please call (239) 491-7602 or visit www.DavidLawrenceCenter.org.


Jul 27, 2017 | News & Events, Press Releases

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