Helping Inmates Conquer Addictions

Helping Inmates Conquer Addictions

The Project Recovery program in the Collier County Jail system has been around for decades, helping inmates overcome their addictions. And with the opioid crisis that has swept the nation, the need is greater than ever for substance use treatment programs for incarcerated men and women.

David Lawrence Centers is partnering with Collier County Jail to help curb this epidemic and has three staff members on the project—one licensed clinical social worker and two therapists.

DLC is currently holding two groups for men and one for women. Each group includes 15 participants and runs for 90 days. Evidence-based therapy groups meet for about two hours daily, Monday through Friday. Currently, there’s a waiting list of about 20 individuals for the next available groups.

Inmates who want to participate must go through a screening process to make sure they’re serious about recovery, and that they won’t be a safety risk.

“The program is similar to our intensive outpatient care at David Lawrence Centers,” says Beverly Belli, DLC’s Director of Adult Community Services. “We want to give these men and women the care they need.”

Project Recovery also teaches participants better life skills, parenting skills, and how to move on successfully after release, pointing them to other community resources for continued care.

“Our hope is that they don’t just go to a class for 12 weeks and then forget about it,” says Belli. “We want to provide a continuum of care even after they get out.”

Jan 07, 2019 | Blog, Substance Use

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